“Nak Kulit Cantik Gebu & Mulus”- Nadiyah Shahab Dedah Tips Miliki Kulit Gebu Yang Ramai Tak Tahu

Pasangan merpati dua sejoli, Nadiyah Shahab dan Ben Ali baru-baru ini menikmati percutian bersama di Itali.

Malah, pemilik nama penuh Sharifah Nadiyah Syed Fuad Al Shahab ini juga turut berkongsi gambar sekitar Itali dengan gaya tersendiri.

Dalam pada itu, pelakon Asalkan Dia Bahagia ini sempat berkongsi tips kecantikan khusus bagi mendapatkan kulit bersih dan mulus.

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Good vibes only 😎

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Lalu, perkongsian dari figura cantik ini mendapat perhatian netizen yang memuji kecantikan kulit pelakon berdarah  kacukan Arab- Jawa itu.

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The other day in the car I was laughing at my own joke as usual and Ben looked at me a certain way and said “You happy kan?” And I was like “What do u mean?” He said “You seorang yg happy. You’re just always happy”. And even if he meant it as an observation I took it to be one of the best compliments I have ever received. To be happy….content, is a state of mind. I remember a time in my life when I wasn’t this way, and I send my love to all of you out there who are still finding your self-contentment and inner happiness because it’ll come one day, believe me ❤️

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Tidak lokek berkongsi kecantikan, Nadiyah memberikan komen jujur selepas netizen mengajukan soalan mengenai kulitnya yang tampak sihat.


Untuk rekod, Nadiyah dan Ben berkahwin pada 10 November 2018.

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Italy was amazing. But in all honesty it was insanely tiring coz of all the walking and all the STEPS up and down Positano, Capri and Cinque Terre that we felt like we needed a vacation from our honeymoon. It didn’t help that there were no lifts in all the beautiful old buildings we stayed at too and I’ve never had to work out that much in my life hahahah😵😂. We were so exhausted every single day and couldn’t feel our legs by the end of every evening that we’re seriously planning for a second honeymoon- a real relaxing one where we wouldn’t be lugging bags up 150 flights of stairs. Any recommendations for awesome honeymoon destinations that don’t require a 13-hour flight and a ton of sleeping pills? This time I’d like to be carried around on a palanquin with my husband feeding me grapes on the vine 😂❤️

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